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My Scat Domination Fantasy - Shit Eating JOI - LoveRachelle2 | 2019 | FullHD | 320 MB

Did you really think I wouldn’t find out? Did you really think I wouldn’t see all the nasty porn you’ve been looking at? Well, you shouldn’t have been so shy… I like scat porn, too! I can’t believe you lied to me all this time when I asked if you were into anything kinkier than what we already do! You know… I’m going to have to punish you for that. I’m going to make you do exactly what I’ve always wanted you to do. Oh, don’t tell me you’re not excited.

I bet you can’t wait to taste my shit.

I’m going to tell you *exactly* how I want you to do it, and you’re going to obey me, and you’re not going to have any other choice, or I’ll leave you, and then you’ll NEVER have your scat fantasies fulfilled. You’re never going to meet another girl like me and you know it. You scared? Think that my load will be too much for you? Don’t BS me. It’s not like you aren’t already a little shit sucker. You filthy, *filthy* boy.

I’m going to make your dreams come true.

Toilet Slavery * Shit Eating & Jerk Off Instruction * Humiliation * Domination
Big Shit for your Mouth - ElenaToilet | 2019 | FullHD | 936 MB

Now lick my shoes and sniff my asshole. I command you. Don’t fighting me so I open his mouth again and put my ass on his mouth. Do it, slave! I said! He started carefully licking my ass hole. I could now feel the shit slowly sliding down in his mouth. Now wrap your lips around my asshole. I could feel the shit sliding down it was almost ready to come out. I knew how disgusting this shit was going to smell. It slid out of my ass hole and I could feel it going into his mouth. The first turd was pretty big and he almost completely entered his mouth. I made sure to let the shit come out slowly. I could smell how horrible my shit was but slave was tolerate…
A Kinky Redhead Reputation - GInger Babbii | 2019 | HD | 1.31 GB

No Strings Attached Threesome - Sydney Cole, Anya Olsen | 2019 | FullHD | 3.11 GB

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Fit busty MILF on a hike - Ivy | 2019 | FullHD | 908 MB

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Graduation Daughter Bangers - Jada Kai, Danni Rivers | 2019 | SD | 691 MB

Hit My Spot - Jaye Summers | 2018 | HD | 2.41 GB

VIP Treatment - Sybil | 2019 | HD | 1.49 GB

MILFS Love To Milk It - Honey Blossom | 2019 | FullHD | 803 MB

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