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Liquid diarrhea and farting - Svetlana | 2017 | FullHD | 1.13 GB

Today I have the whole day sick stomach , and I suffered not to go to the toilet , I went into the room and lay down on the bed . First, I released a large amount of gas from my butt ( Like a fart ) and then from my priests, released a large amount of liquid shit ( Diarrhea ) . I felt relief in his stomach , and began to smear shit on his ass , Oh how great it is abundantly more layer covering her ass . Will write for you a custom video of your script . Write your scripts in private messages . I'm waiting for you and ready to do much for you .
Liquid diarrhea in white panties - Svetlana | 2017 | FullHD | 890 MB

This time I decided after a laxative for you to record a video clip , I like to smear shit all over my body, dirty underwear in piss and shit . But I always want more and more , I am very excited by the smell of shit from the fact that you look at me . In this video clip I came into the room and started to undress left from clothes only underwear , but rather only panties , I got cancer and started to fill my panties with liquid diarrhea . About how cool it is , the effect was not long in coming , the shit will immediately start to emerge from my anus and white panties changed color ..
Another desperate mornig - EllaGilbert | 2017 | HD | 1.29 GB

I could barely hold my poop..the traces on the floor proves it and in the end I had to leave my shit go lol
After I poop, I light myself a cig and take a sit in it and as I smoke I describe how I feel siting in my shit By the time I finish my cig I also completly hide my anal beads deep inside my tight asshole a couple of times.
I grab my lollipop glass toy and after lightning another cig up Im gonna fuck my ass and make myself cum right after I take a few sips of coffee
Shitting and cuming in my CK jeans - EllaGilbert | 2017 | HD | 821 MB

I love cuming in my jeans so today I thought about doing it again. Wearing my CK vintage jeans, a colorful crop top and my white adidas sneakers I take a shit filling my jeans up. I grab my OMB and start vibrating my clit, sitting on a chair. Just before I cum Im gonna wet my jeans a lil bit
Jeans pooping and dirty fuck - JosslynKane | 2017 | FullHD | 1.23 GB

Watch me pooping my jeans and fucking my dirty asshole with my big dildo, letting more and more shit to coming out, mm so creamy so nice, so intense. In the end I fuck the dirty dildo and my poop is tasting so good. mmmm. Enjoy!
Pissing and Fucking - JosslynKane | 2017 | FullHD | 803 MB

NieR Automata 2B - YoRHa Unit 2B is feeling so naughty, she is pissing her white panties and is playing with her pussy, she cums so bad. If you love golden showers now is the chance to see this android pissing. Enjoy
Pink lace dress- taking a big shit - TinaAmazon | 2017 | FullHD | 409 MB

Wearing a tight sexy pink lace dress I tease you with my perfect body. Talking dirty I take a big shit from behind.
File name: pinklacedresswhatiate
Lick and EAT This Perfect Poop With Me! - LoveRachelle2 | 2017 | 4K UHD | 1.70 GB

I REALLY need to go, and I don't waste any time pooping a long, THICK, JUICY turd into the container I'll be shipping you It's a beautiful, perfect, heavy turd, and it smells wonderful Nice and earthy, and even sweet. Delicious, poopy stink. I tease you, telling you to sniff my turd, and I show off my cute little poopy butthole for good measure. A turd this good looking and smelling deserves a taste test, doesn't it? Come on, don't be shy. you're not JUST gonna *sniff* this turd, are you? Let's take a lick together.
Mmm, tastes good, doesn't it? I love licking this turd-tastes sweet! My chocolate feels so good and smooth on my tongue. Don't you like it? You know, I think a turd THIS good looking, smelling and tasting, shouldn't go to waste. You should EAT it, too
Oh, you shy about eating my shit? Don't you dare waste this beauty, slave. This shit is too good to go to waste! But if you're so shy, we can eat it together, see? I'll take the first bite. then you'll finish the rest I lean in and lick a chunk onto my tongue and let it hang there for you to look at, before letting my poop melt on my tongue, enjoying the taste with a smile, and swallowing the bite down, yum! Now, open wide, it's your turn.
Girl Dumps Thick Shits - LoveRachelle2 | 2017 | 4K UHD | 637 MB

I'm standing in front of a plate, showing off my cute white boyshorts, and my ass sure looks good and plump, doesn't it I slap my fat cheeks and shake that booty around a little, before spreading them open and exposing my naughty little blowhole, which is already yawning open to let out a THICK turdle head! My poop births out my hole and onto your plate I hope you enjoy dinner AND a show, because I've got a messy, poopy butthole I can't NOT show off, and wink in your face! I pull my white, clean panties right back on-and over my shitty pucker, staining them, and giving you a nice close-up of your meal
For your next meal, I blow my load all over my white futon Ooh, stinky!! The start of that turd stretches me open and good, and then ends with a delicious, oozing trail of shit out my pucker. Yum! I make sure you get a good eyefull of this one, too-and tell you how I want you to eat it.
Shit on the Saddle - Lolicoon | 2017 | FullHD | 1.46 GB

Let's have some fun with your saddle! I take it on the floor, write my name on it, polish my nails, crush a hamburger with naked feet. And then I piss and shit on it.
Patricia and Lisa pervert train crush - Lolicoon | 2017 | HD | 1.20 GB

Alice and me arrive at our production studio. They told us to filming a sex scene. But WTF what do we find there? A fucking toy train set ?! No not with us! We must destroy it. So we put out our clothes and putting on our high heels. We are mercilessly trampling and crushing it all into ruins, bending the tracks with our bare hands. What is not easy to crush, we are smashing with a hammer. Then it is all destroyed and we are squat down and pee both of the wreckage. After I come back and find the ruins are still lying about. So I have more fun with it and shit a sweet turd on it. Oh this looks so pretty. The end for the litlle toy train is a big fire.
Mistress educate her toilet slave - JosslynKane | 2017 | FullHD | 1.03 GB

" At the beginning of the video you should tell me that I am your slave and you will educate me as your perfect toilet slave. You tell me that I have to swallow everything what comes out of your mouth, pussy, and ass. But not only that, I am also responsible for cleaning you after pissing and shitting with my tongue. As I am a very inexperienced slave you will help me during my first cleaning job as you will force me to sniff poppers (which me makes usually really horny). You are standing in front of me, forcing me to sniff poppers (3 times on each side), then you shit on a plate, forcing me again sniffing poppers. After that ,you tell me to clean your ass with my tongue. Present me your ass and I have to lick every peace of shit. You tell me that I´ll have to eat the whole plate of shit once I am not able to clean your ass perfectly. Once I´ve finished you´ll do the check whether you ass is clean. Obviously it´s not and therefore I have to eat the plate full of shit. You force me again to sniff poppers and the big final is that you presenting me the plate with shit and force me to eat it. Here it would be very cool to see all the time the plate with shit and as well your face."