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Transform into Hot shitty MOUSE with DirtyBetty -  | 2017 | FullHD | 349 MB

An incredible premium video. The real transformation into a sexy chocolate mouse, the heavy smearing of fresh tasty and fragrant shit in the face, sucking and licking a huge heap of chocolate from my ass, maybe you already want to kiss me?
Alice’s Filthy Madness -  | 2017 | FullHD | 4.00 GB

I am filthy, mad girl which insanely loves all kind of rotten sex. And this day was not exception, I didn’t go to toilet for several days and asked my boy to make the same thing and also to get some stored shit for making one of our lovely scat sessions. He shitted, I shitted, we have smeared saved shit and fucked.. He was very gentle. while treating my anal hole, I was very gently which treating his month with my shitty feet.. Speaking the long story – short – we were very gentle to each other that day. Especially when I stuffed my mouth and pussy with shit and made filthy things, especially when he fucked me like an animal. More than two hours. Shit is flying everywhere. With Love. Alice.
Shitty punishment -  | 2017 | FullHD | 2.96 GB

Grazy is probably the sexiest mistress you will see today and she is very picky about her shoes. Her slave Saori had one job: to buy her new high heels. But Grazy hated so much! At this point, all that Grazy feels is anger, that she will use to punish that stupid girl. She starts by trampling on her slave with those awful shoes than she spits all over Saori’s face while standing on her chest. After that, the punishment only gets harder and extreme. Saori will eat cigarette’s ashes, lick her mistress’ asshole and much more. When you think Grazy had enough, she gives Saori a very special meal that is coming from inside her intestines and finds the way out through her ass! The place gets a real mess with that big amount of shit spread all over Saori’s hot body. Don’t miss this hard scat film!
Erotic show in a coat with ModelNatalya94 -  | 2017 | FullHD | 1.47 GB

Three friends I Carolina and Marina decided to arrange for you an erotic show in a coat, we put a coat on our naked bodies. First, the video we take turns posing for you, unbutton coat showing you their naked bodies, take different poses. After demonstrating their bodies, we sit on chairs and begin to caress her fingers between her legs, we love to do it , each of us in turn pissing and shitting on a chair, and after the girls all went to the toilet, we smear the shit on your pussy and body.
Scat On Dirty Feet And Lick Them with evamarie88 -  | 2017 | FullHD | 745 MB

Watch me show off my smelly dirty feet, I tell you how im going to show you how I make them even more dirtier. I bend over and spread my arse and piss and shit logs all over my soles before showing you the big load and smearing my feet with shit… Now if you were here I would be making you lick them clean but as your not here I will have to do it instead. I lick and suck both my feet tasting my delicious shit before smearing some more and licking and sucking once more. I love my filthy shitty feet and they taste amazing
New Scat – Welcome to your new life toilet slave - Dirty Maryan | 2017 | FullHD | 625 MB

Welcome to your new life, toilet slave! You thought I would let you go home after this session, but you are so wrong! You are now my property. You will be locked forever and hooded permanently. You will lose your humanity. You are nothing to me but a toilet. Forget about eating fresh food because from now on you will only eat from my garbage can and consume my divine waste! You have no name anymore. You are less than a rat, less than an insect. You are the inferior sex.Eating my waste is now your only purpose in life. You will spend the rest of your life beeing fed by me. You will consume my delicious caviar and golden nectar. Don't you wanna eat my divine waste? Beg me to squat over your face and empty my bowels in your wide opened mouth! I will feed you now, toilet slave! Stop moving! You know there is no escape! Feel the warm shit slide into your mouth. This is the highlight of your existence! Swallow everything and lick my ass clean. Enjoy every second of this moment out of your cage!
Dirtybetty – Toilet Slave Bundle Part 2 - SweetBettyParlour | 2017 | HD | 312 MB

Amazing new premium video) First, I give the slave a giant pile of fresh shit, and then show him my chocolate pussy and take shit off his face so he could enjoy the stunning view and then he Fucks me full of shit pussy and cums in me) Then you will see dirty crempie which will make you jerk off from the sight!) Good quality, great view, original content, and lots of orgasms which will give you this video) it's simple!)
2. Something New
A new really exciting and super hot premium videos, with elements of slavery!)) Hot fragrant bunch of shit on my husband's face, then sexy dirty handjob and finally a blowjob with fabulous pieces of shit in my mouth, smear on the face, and of course the epic finale) Video for true scat lovers) Good quality, low price) Stay with me, love you guys and girls ))
Dirty Anal – Sweet breakfast in the ovulation cycle from Christina - Christina, Smelly Milana | 2017 | HD | 708 MB

Sweet breakfast in the ovulation cycle from Christina. Christina treated me with her sweet, morning shit and a large dose of vaginal discharge - she now has an ovulation cycle!
Anal Sex – Tail with crap vollgeschmiert and blown - KV-GIRL | 2017 | SD | 44.4 MB

I shit my husband on the belly smear all the shit on his cock. I blow the tail suck my fingers and continue to bubble until the tail squirts
Shit Masturbation – Huge Poop In Jeans - Love to Shit Girls | 2017 | HD | 849 MB

Huge pooping in bikini and jeans,peeing,dirty ass teasing.
Amateur Scat Sex - KV-GIRL | 2017 | FullHD | 782 MB

Mouth full of shit and cock blown
I'll try something new today. I shit my husband on the tail and put all the shit in my mouth and wanted to start to blow but I did not quite manage that I keep all the shit in the mouth and then blow. But I can do that too. I hope you like the clip
Mund voller Scheiße und Schwanz geblasen
Ich probiere heute mal etwas neues. Ich scheiße meine Mann auf den Schwanz und stecke mir die ganze Scheiße in den Mund und wollte anfangen zu blasen aber das habe ich noch nicht so ganz hinbekommen das ich die ganze Scheiße in den Mund behalte und dann blase. Aber das schaffe ich auch noch. Ich hoffe der Clip gefällt dir
Anal Sex - KV-GIRL | 2017 | SD | 111 MB

Here is a nice video from the holiday we had such a diarrhea it was like water and it smelled very strict but it was a lot of fun to play with it
Durchfall Schwanz abgeblasen
Hier ist ein schönes Video aus den Urlaub wir hatten so ein Durchfall es war schon wie Wasser und es hat sehr streng gerochen aber es hat sehr viel spass gemacht damit zu
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